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Significant Events

Major Achievements

  • 1971 - Inaugural Charter of the Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad.
  • 1973 - Small Motorised Train built by members with Carriages, Tracks & Trailer for Fund Raising.
  • 1975 - First SS&RS Rescue Vehicle built – Primarily used for Diving and Recovery Operations.
  • 1976 - Purchase of Rescue Boat and outboard motor with trailer.
  • 1977 - Second Rescue Vehicle built. This Vehicle was designed to perform Road Accident Rescue, General Rescue and Dive and Recover work.
  • 1978 - Purchase of HURST "Jaws of Life". First set of these in Country Australia at a cost of over $8500:00.
  • 1978 - Purchase and Implementation of a Radio Paging System.
  • 1981 - Commencement of building works for the inaugural SS&RS Headquarters built on the Shepparton Show Grounds site – SS&RS moved out of this building on 6 July 2011.
  • 1983 - Purchase of New Rescue Vehicle – Mazda T3000 Twin Cab Lt Truck. This was eventually fitted with a Modular system with gull wing type doors and outfitted with modern Road Rescue and General Rescue Equipment.
  • 1986 - New Mazda T3000 Light Rescue Vehicle Commissioned by Members.
  • 1988 - Purchase of New Alpha Numeric Paging System.
  • 1991 - Opening of New Building at Shepparton Showground Site.
  • 1997 - Purchase of Toyota Troupe Carrier 4WD to be used as a Primary Response Vehicle and for work in Bush locations where there is limited access for standard vehicles.
  • 1998 - Purchase of New Diving Gear – Wet Suits, Air Tanks, Breathing Apparatus, Weight Vests and Belts etc.
  • 1998 - Purchase of New Rescue Boat to replace the original Boat.
  • 2000 - Purchase of Holmatro Spreaders, Cutters & Hydraulic Telescopic Ram.
  • 2001 - Purchase of High Visibility Day-Glo Yellow Overalls.
  • 2002 - Convert and Commission – Toyota Troupe Carrier 4WD to be used as a Primary Response Vehicle and for work in Bush locations where there is limited access for standard vehicles.
  • 2003 - Purchase of 10 portable uhf communication radios.
  • 2006 - Purchase of Two UHF CB UHF Channels from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to be used to run a duplex supported Commercial Channel for SS&RS communications only.
  • 2006 - Purchase and Commissioning of One Repeater with Ariels. These were installed onto the GSCC Comm’s Tower at the Doyles Rd Council Depot.
  • 2006 - Purchase of 18 UHF CB Commercial Handheld Radios & 3 UHF CB Commercial In Car Radios.
  • 2008 - Purchase, Construction and Commissioning of Isuzu 550 Twin Cab Medium Rigid Truck to act as the main Heavy Rescue Vehicle in replacement of the Mazda T3000.
  • 2010 - Purchase & Commissioning of Mitsubishi Triton 4WD Dual Cab Ute to be Main response and take home Vehicle.
  • 2012 - Donation of New Inflatable Rescue Boat with Trailer and Motor.
  • 2012 - Opening of New State of the Art Facility @ 15 Dudley St Shepparton.
  • 2012 - 40th Anniversary Dinner.
  • 2012 - Purchase of Trailer Mounted Lighting Tower – 13.5 Kva, 3 Phase Diesel Gen-Set. 4 x 1.5Kw Metal Halide Lights on a 7.5 Metre Boom.
  • 2014 - Purchase & Commissioning of Ford Ranger 4WD Dual Cab Ute to be Main response and take home Vehicle.
  • 2014 - Purchase Construction and Commissioning of Isuzu 450 Twin Cab Ridge Truck to act as the main Storm and Medium Rescue Vehicle.
  • 2015 - Construction And Commissioning of a new storage shed.
  • 2015 - Construction and Commissioning of the new Administration office and DCP Area.

In over 4 Decades of Community Service & Operational ivities, the Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad Inc. has purchased over $750,000:00 of Rescue Equipment, Lighting, Boats, and Dive Gear etc that has been made available to our Community.

We are very proud of our efforts and the amazing support from the Shepparton/Mooroopna Community in our Fund Raising efforts.

Combine this with the incalculable value of the hours spent training, attending callouts, meetings and the designing and building of vehicles and headquarters, and the true value to the Community is truly astounding.

Since its inception, SS&RS has always enjoyed the full support of the Victoria Police, Rural Ambulance Victoria, CFA, VicSES and a range of other agencies including many other rescue units throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

Our working model with other volunteers is extremely strong and we value all of the volunteers in our community. We believe that we have a very strong, vibrant, image within our local community and are held in high regard by all.


Shepparton Search and Rescue is a volunteer organisation that receives only a small amount of funding from the Victorian Government.

All donations are greatly appreciated.


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7.30 - 9.30pm
(*excluding public holidays)

Guests welcome, come and meet some of members and view our fantastic facilities

15 Dudley Street,
Shepparton Vic 3630