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(SS&RS) is a Shepparton based Volunteer Rescue Organisation and is one of only two independent rescue units in the State of Victoria recognised by the Victorian Government and operates within the state Emergency Management Manual of Victoria (EMMV) Document and Road Rescue Arrangements of Victoria.

The Squad currently consists of 22 Active Members with another 5 Non Active Members. The Squad has Five Life Members, 3 of which are currently still active in all areas.

SS&RS is an Incorporated Association under the Victorian Associations Incorporations Act 1981 and a Committee of Management, made up of the following positions manages administration:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


Funding for the operations of SS&RS is broken up into a number of differing avenues including but not limited to;

  • TAC (Traffic Accident Commission)
  • COGS (City of Greater Shepparton)
  • Service Groups from the local district
  • Community Groups
  • Fundraising
  • Raffles
  • Donations


SS&RS operates from a headquarters designed in conjunction with the COGS, so that it complements our requirements in relation to training, meeting requirements, storage etc.

SS&RS was first discussed in 1971, when through a series of tragic incidents in the area, it was realised by a handful of concerned citizens, that some form of organised rescue group was needed. This group would have a sole purpose of;

  • Assist local police and ambulance officers
  • Provide additional man power
  • Provide Lighting
  • Provide Specialised Equipment


Our Founding Members put this idea to the Local Police and Ambulance staff and it was enthusiastically embraced by all – and the Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad was born.

We have many members who have the served the Squad and their community for over 20 Yrs and a number with more than 30 Yrs and 3 Life members with 40 Yrs Service, a record that we are truly proud of. During this time, the squad has attended every serious incident in the area where trauma, human life, and property were threatened. In many cases the squads actions have minimised the effects of the trauma and injury, and saved lives.


Shepparton Search and Rescue is a volunteer organisation that receives only a small amount of funding from the Victorian Government.

All donations are greatly appreciated.


Every Monday*

7.30 - 9.30pm
(*excluding public holidays)

Guests welcome, come and meet some of members and view our fantastic facilities

15 Dudley Street,
Shepparton Vic 3630