2000 - Purchase of Holmatro Spreaders, Cutters & Hydraulic Telescopic Ram.

2001 - Purchase of High Visibility Day-Glo Yellow Overalls.

2002 30th Anniversary Dinner

The squad came together to celebrate everything they've achieved in the past 30 years. Life Memberships were awarded to Eddie Jezewski and Frank Gaylard. 

2002 - Convert and Commission – 

Toyota Troupe Carrier 4WD to be used as a Primary Response Vehicle and for work in Bush locations where there is limited access for standard vehicles.

2003 - Purchase of 10 portable uhf communication radios.

2006 - Purchase of Two UHF CB UHF Channels from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to be used to run a duplex supported Commercial Channel for SS&RS communications only.

2006 - Purchase and Commissioning of One Repeater with Ariels. These were installed onto the GSCC Comm’s Tower at the Doyles Rd Council Depot.

2006 - Purchase of 18 UHF CB Commercial Handheld Radios & 3 UHF CB Commercial In Car Radios.

2008 - Purchase, Construction and Commissioning of Isuzu 550 Twin Cab Medium Rigid Truck to act as the main Heavy Rescue Vehicle in replacement of the Mazda T3000.

2009- Shepparton Search and rescue squad member of the year award introduced

Awarded to Ross Wilkinson as the inaugural recipient.

Advancing into the New Millennium: 

Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad’s Progress in the 2000s

The new millennium brought new challenges and opportunities for the Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad (SSRS), prompting further enhancements to their equipment and capabilities. The early 2000s were characterized by significant acquisitions and updates, ensuring that the squad remained at the forefront of emergency response services in the region

2000: Upgrading Rescue Tools

The turn of the century saw SSRS investing in state-of-the-art rescue equipment with the purchase of Holmatro spreaders, cutters, and a hydraulic telescopic ram. These tools are essential for extrication missions, particularly in vehicle accidents, allowing rescue personnel to quickly and safely free trapped individuals.

2001: Enhancing Safety and Visibility

In 2001, SSRS introduced high-visibility Day-Glo yellow overalls for its members. This not only improved safety during operations, especially in low-visibility conditions but also enhanced the visibility of rescue personnel during public engagements, reinforcing their presence in the community.

2002: Celebrating Milestones

The year 2002 marked a significant milestone for SSRS with their 30th-anniversary dinner. This celebration not only reflected on three decades of invaluable service but also honored longstanding members. Life Memberships were awarded to Eddie Jezewski and Frank Gaylard, recognizing their dedicated contributions to the squad.

Continued Development of the Fleet

Also in 2002, SSRS upgraded and commissioned the Toyota Troop Carrier 4WD. This vehicle, vital for operations in challenging terrains, was enhanced to serve as a primary response vehicle, reinforcing the squad’s capability to reach remote areas.

2003-2006: Communication Upgrades

The early 2000s saw significant upgrades in SSRS’s communication systems. In 2003, the purchase of 10 portable UHF radios markedly improved on-scene communication between team members. This was further enhanced in 2006, when SSRS secured two UHF CB channels from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), specifically for running a duplex-supported commercial channel exclusive to SSRS communications. Additionally, in 2006, the squad commissioned a repeater with aerials installed on the GSCC Comm’s Tower at the Doyles Rd Council Depot, alongside the acquisition of 18 UHF CB commercial handheld radios and 3 in-car radios, drastically improving communication efficiency and reliability.

2008: A Major Vehicle Upgrade

The squad continued to upgrade its vehicle fleet in 2008 with the construction and commissioning of an Isuzu 550 Twin Cab Medium Rigid Truck, which replaced the older Mazda T3000. This new heavy rescue vehicle was specifically designed to handle the most demanding rescue scenarios, equipped with advanced tools and technology.

2009: Recognizing Dedication

In 2009, the Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad introduced the "Member of the Year" award, a recognition of outstanding commitment and service within the squad. Ross Wilkinson had the honor of being the inaugural recipient, setting a precedent for excellence and dedication in the years to follow. 

The early 2000s were a period of growth and professional development for the SSRS, with significant investments in both equipment and personnel. These advancements not only enhanced the squad’s operational capabilities but also deepened their commitment to the safety and well-being of the Shepparton community.