1991 - Opening of New Building at Shepparton Showground Site.

1993 - Floods

Flood Level in Greater Shepparton in 1993 reached 11.71m. SSRS members assited emergency services wherever they could.

1997 - Purchase of Toyota Troupe Carrier 4WD 

To be used as a Primary Response Vehicle and for work in Bush locations where there is limited access for standard vehicles.

1998 - Purchase of New Diving Gear 

Wet Suits, Air Tanks, Breathing Apparatus, Weight Vests and Belts etc.

1998 - Purchase of New Rescue Boat 

To replace the original Boat.

Expanding Capabilities: 

Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad in the 1990s

The 1990s were a decade of continued growth and significant enhancements for the Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad (SSRS), as they further developed their infrastructure and upgraded their equipment to better serve the Shepparton community.

1991: A New Home Base

The decade began with a major milestone for the SSRS with the opening of a new building at the Shepparton Showground site. This new headquarters was designed to support the expanded needs of the squad, providing more space for equipment storage, training facilities, and administrative functions. The opening of this building marked an important step in the evolution of SSRS, symbolizing their growth and permanence in the community. 

1993: Responding to Natural Disasters

In 1993, Shepparton faced significant flooding, with water levels reaching 11.71 meters. As they had in the past, SSRS members were quick to respond, assisting emergency services across the region. Their efforts during these floods demonstrated their vital role in disaster response and their commitment to the community's safety and well-being.

1997: Enhancing Mobility

Recognizing the need for a vehicle capable of navigating rough terrains and bush locations, SSRS purchased a Toyota Troop Carrier 4WD in 1997. This vehicle was intended to serve as the primary response unit, especially in areas where standard vehicles could not easily access. The addition of the 4WD significantly enhanced the squad’s ability to reach victims in remote and challenging environments, ensuring that no part of their community was beyond their reach. 

1998: Upgrading Equipment

In a continuous effort to maintain the highest standards of rescue operations, SSRS made significant investments in their diving and rescue capabilities in 1998. They purchased new diving gear, including wet suits, air tanks, breathing apparatus, weight vests, and belts. This equipment upgrade ensured that the squad’s divers were equipped with the latest technology to safely and effectively perform underwater search and recovery missions.

Furthermore, recognizing the aging of their original fleet, SSRS also invested in a new rescue boat in 1998. This new boat replaced the original and was outfitted with advanced features to enhance performance and reliability during water rescue operations.

The 1990s were a defining era for the Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad, marked by strategic investments in infrastructure and equipment that bolstered their operational capabilities. Each step taken during this decade was driven by a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the community’s needs, ensuring that the SSRS remained a crucial lifeline in times of emergency. As the decade closed, the squad was better equipped than ever to face the challenges of the new millennium.