Shepparton, Mooroopna & Kialla

This information is only a guide and has not been verified. No liability is accepted for any damage, loss or injury caused by errors or omissions in this information or for any action taken by any person in reliance upon it. Every Flood is Different and may produce different results than have been seen in past flooding events.

The SES has provided a Local Flood Guide for The Shepparton, Mooroopna & Kialla Area. It can be found here: Shepparton, Mooroopna & Kialla Local Flood Guide

The information contained in this document as well as the Greater Shepparton Municipal Flood Emergency Plan have been used to provide the information on this page. 

Flood Risk in the Shepparton, Mooroopna & Kialla Area

A number of waterways flow around The Shepparton, Mooroopna & Kialla Area

When the Broken River is in flood, floodwater heads east to the East Goulburn Main Channel and then north West towards Tallygaroopna where the flood waters then meet the local creeks.

In 2012 rainfall in excess of 300mm bought flash flooding to Tallygaroopna as the water moved into the river systems.

In the second worst flood (1993) no houses received above floor flooding and was caused by slow moving flood water from the broken River

The worse flood (2012) 5 houses were subject to above floor flooding and was caused by 300mm of rain over 3 days. 


Majority of Properties in the area have satisfactory egress in the event of a flood.

There are 3 locations where evacuation issues may occur if residents are not notified early. Evacuation of these may be required if the Shepparton Gauge is expected to exceed 11.1 meters

The following areas will be Evacuated at the following Heights at the Shepparton Gauge on the Goulburn River.

Roads Subject to Flooding

The Following roads are known to close when the Goulburn River Shepparton gauge is at depths listed.

8.7 Meters

9.80 Meters

10.30 Meters

10.70 Meters

11 Meters

11.18 Meters

11.28 Meters

11.30 Meters

11.38 Meters

11.40 Meters

11.53 Meters

11.66 Meters

Nixon Street in Shepparton at Marungi Street

11.70 Meters

12.00 Meters

12.05 Meters

The Following roads are known to flood at their crossings when the Shepparton gauge is at depths listed.

9.5 Meters

10.1 Meters

12.1 Meters

12.2 Meters

12.3 Meters

Impacts at Certain Flood Levels

AEP 1%  (1 in 100) -        12.2m at the Shepparton Gauge

AEP 2%  (1 in 50)-           11.9m at the Shepparton Gauge

AEP 5%  (1 in 20) -          11.3m at the Shepparton Gauge

Major Flood Level -        11m at the Shepparton Gauge

AEP 10% (1 in 10)-          10.9m at the Shepparton Gauge

Moderate Flood Level - 10.7m at the Shepparton Gauge

Minor Flood Level -        10.2m at the Shepparton Gauge

A summary of the number of properties and floors inundated at various levels at Shepparton is provided in the following table (Water Technology, 2017). - Shepparton Municipality Flood Emergency Plan - VICSES

Likely Impacts at 1 in 5 Year Flood (20% chance each year)

North End Shepparton (North of High Street and West of Numkah Road/Wyndham Road)

Central Shepparton (Between High Street and the Broken River and West of Doyals Road)

Kailla and Kailla Lakes (Between river Road and the Broken River - West of Archer Street)


Flood gauges

A common question around flood time is where are the river heights taken from.
Goulburn River

Broken River

Seven Creeks

Castle Creek

Water Flow time

The SES has published the estimate time it takes for peak flood waters to travel through the water systems. This can range from 1 day to over 5 Days. Early action is crucial in an emergency, leaving it to the last minute risks yourself, family, first responders and others.

Goulburn River

Eildon - Seymour: 48 Hours

Seymour - Goulburn Weir: 30-40 hours

Goulburn Weir - Murchison: 9-18 hours

Muchison - Kialla West: 15-18 hours

Kialla West - Shepparton: up to 12 hours

Shepparton - McCoys Bridge: 46 hours

Seymour to Shepparton: (2 - 4 days)

Sevens Creek

Euroa - Kialla West: 26-50 hours

Kialla West - Shepparton: 18-60 hours

Euroa - Sheapparton: 1-5 days

Broken River

Benalla - Casey's Weir: 6-12 Hours

Casey's Weir - Gowangardie Weir: 12-30 hours

Gowangardie Weir - Orrvale : 10-18 hours

Orrvale - Shepparton: 4-40+hours

Benalla to Shepparton: 2-4+ days

Sandbagging locations

If deemed necessary by Incident Control Centre (not Shepparton Search & Rescue), a sandbagging location will be setup. The most likely locations are: