Our Assets

Our Fleet

We are proud of our fleet, they get us to the people and community in need when they need it most. 

Shepparton Rescue 1

Rescue 1 is the pride of our fleet it is also the oldest vehicle in the fleet. It might be in its twilight years but it still packs a punch with twin light towers, full modern battery rescue equipment as well as tools for storm and rescue

Shepparton Rescue 3

Rescue 3 is the go to for all things storm packing chainsaws, ladders, climbing equipment and lighting it is a machine when the weather is against us. But it has a hidden talent with road rescue capability when Rescue 1 is already on the scene

Shepparton Rescue 2

Our Isuzu Dmax allows our duty officers to respond day and night at a moments notice. It also lets us get our light trailers and boats to scene quickly

Shepparton Rescue 4

Our Holden Colorado, Rescue 2 gives us the ability to respond to a number of events with tools for storm, road crash, flood and search its a jack of all trades.

Light/Gen Tower 1

Light tower 1 allow us to turn day into night in a flash. It has helped at countless fires, road crashes and crime scenes.

Light/Gen Tower 2

Like our other light tower it allows us to see a lot. Bonus for everyone is that it also provides 240v power via the big diesel generator under the covers.

Rescue Boat 1

Rescue boat 1 lets us navigate the Goulburn and surround rivers without fear. It's strong hull lets us navigate through flooded river systems and through tree's and debris with ease.

Rescue Boat 2

Affectionally known as the 'RIB' our lightweight inflatable boat allows us to operate in shallow waters like flooded streets, parks and waterways. 

Storm Trailer

A joint imitative between Shepparton Search & Rescue and Vic SES, the storm trailer gives us and the region grater capabilities in responding to major storm events.

Battery Rescue Tools

Our latest Lukas Rescue tools allow us greater freedoms in extrications. Without being held back by hoses it allow us to respond quicker, more accurately and further than ever before.

Safe Working at Heights

Our SWAH's kit allows us to safely work at heights. You will see us after storms on a roof in need with our harnesses, ropes and ladders.


Our Chainsaws are the life blood of our storm response. Both our battery and petrol chainsaws lets us clear trees from roads, structures paths and fences quickly to keep you safe.

Gone but not forgotten

Though our new gear is exceptional we don't forget where we came from, here is some of our assets from the years gone by

Mazda Rescue Truck

The squads first rescue truck and former Rescue 1, known around the place as 'The old girl'  is currently in restoration to soon be displayed at Move

Hurst Jaw's of Life

Where the name all started. The Hurst Jaws of Life were big and heavy, but they were a game changer, it allowed the squad to begin its journey into road crash rescues

Bedford Van

The Bedford was the squad's first rescue vehicle. Parked at members houses before the days of having a HQ it transported the hand tools and diving equipment of the early days 

The Orginal RIB

The original RIB was lost in the 2022 flood after being no match for a guard rail hidden under flood water. If you are lucky you might see it around our boat training to salvage a stricken boat

Thanks to the following business for their support keeping our fleet running

GV Woodworkers

GV Woodworkers have provided us with many quality items over the years including out lectern and meeting table 

Solar City Marine and Caravans

The team at Solar City Marine have our back when it comes to all things boats. From repairs to service they are always there.

Norvec Electrical

Norvec Electrical does all our electrical working from keeping the lights and sirens blaring to keeping the lights on inside.

PT Rescue

The guys at PT Rescue provided and maintain our rescue tools keeping them to top shape so they are ready first time every time.