Donate a Car

We go through a lot of cars

Keeping the community safe involves training. As the Support agency for Road Crash Rescues in the Shepparton Region the team needs to keep their skills sharp as every second matters when a life is on the line. We train with real cars to simulate real conditions. We rely on the community and business to provide car's to allow us to keep training and keeping the community safe.

We collect cars

We have the capiblity of collecting cars. They need to still have 4 wheels and all the doors in place. We take cars that are dinged up, not running and even missing motors. Once the car has been through the riggers we scrap the car for cash that continues to help our efforts in the Shepparton Community

Special thanks to the following businesses that make it happen

Shepparton Towing

Rocky and the team at Shepparton Towing have been great supporters of Shepparton Search and Rescue for a long time pickup up cars destined for scrap for one last hurra. Check them out here

Shepparton Search & Rescue Members

The dedicated team of members are ready night and day for emergencies but they don't stop there, on top of the endless paperwork, maintenance and training they are also out on weekends picking up cars for the next training session

Freer's Panel Works

Freer's Panel Works do a great job in your car back to its show room finish, they have been in business for almost 60 years and they know what community spirit is that's why they help us with those cars that have seen better days to give us the best training assets. See them here